We rely on

LOEBA Treuhand GmbH

is an owner-run, mid-sized practice
that offers
tax advisory and audit services from a single source and,
over the past few decades, has gained a wealth of special expertise
in the area of
cross-border tax matters
in the tri-border region with Switzerland and France.

Your advisors

at Loeba:

Anja Abril

Isabel Mertsch
Isabel Mertsch
Name: Isabel Mertsch
Title: Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-65
E-mail: isabel.mertsch@loeba.de
Contact information:
Primary duties:
National and international turnover tax law
Contact for problems related to the cross-border use of company vehicles
Provision of support services to medium-sized enterprises (annual accounts, tax returns)
Taxation of business premises in Germany and abroad
Provision of tax and business advice to physicians, dentists and practitioners of other healthcare professions
At LOEBA: Since 2007
Function: Employee
Other: Speaker on the topic of turnover tax
Thomas Graw
Thomas Graw
Name: Thomas Graw
Title: German Public Auditor, Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-17
E-mail: thomas.graw@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Audits of annual and consolidated financial statements of medium-sized enterprises
Audit of non-profit businesses and facilities
Business valuations and the preparation of budgetary accounts
Transaction advice and financial due diligence reviews
Provision of advisory services to small and medium-sized enterprises on commercial matters
At LOEBA: Since 2010
Function: Managing Director
Other: Previously employed at the Ernst & Young GmbH Audit Firm, Stuttgart
Member of Wirtschaftsjunioren Hochrhein (a network of young entrepreneurs)
Member of the KIWANIS Club Lörrach
Speaker at Steuerberaterkammer Südbaden (Chamber of Tax Advisors of Southern Baden)
Ilka Sälinger
Ilka Sälinger
Name: Ilka Sälinger
Title: Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-67
E-mail: ilka.saelinger@loeba.de
Contact information:
Primary duties: Audits and preparation of annual accounts
Provision of tax advisory services for companies of all types
Domiciliation and provision of support services for subsidiaries of foreign groups in Germany
Advisory services for founders of new companies
At LOEBA: Since 2012
Function: Employee
Tobias Lacoste
Tobias Lacoste
Name: Tobias Lacoste
Title: Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-83
E-mail: tobias.lacoste@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Tax advice for individuals, particularly for those who commute between Germany and Switzerland
Advisory services on cross-border matters for businesses and individuals
Support on issues concerning tax and social insurance law in the event of secondments
Provision of support services for medium-sized companies (annual accounts, tax returns)
Review of the declaration of completeness pursuant to Art. 10 of the Packaging Ordinance (VerpackV)
At LOEBA: Since 2010
Function: Employee
Other: Speaker on the topic of cross-border commuters
Thomas Burgert
Thomas Burgert
Ludger Rankers
Name: Thomas Burgert
Title: Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-72
E-mail: thomas.burgert@loeba.de
Contact information:
Primary duties: Tax consultations
At LOEBA: Since 2018
Function: Employee
Stephan Karl Schultze
Stephan Karl Schultze
Name: Stephan Karl Schultze
Title: German Public Auditor, Tax Advisor, Lawyer, M.I.Tax
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-25
E-mail: stephan.karl.schultze@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Tax consultations (national & international)
Tax-optimised succession arrangements, particularly in family-run businesses
Business acquisitions and sales, including financial due diligence reviews
Tax support during business restructuring
Tax defence advice and support services for voluntary tax disclosures
At LOEBA: Since 2006
Function: Managing Director
Other: Deputy Chairman of IHK Hochrhein-Bodensee (Chamber of Commerce)
Member of LIONS Club Lörrach
Speaker on the topic of cross-border tax planning, particularly for Germany – Switzerland
Clemens Schubnell
Clemens Schubnell
Name: Clemens Schubnell
Title: Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-63
E-mail: clemens.schubnell@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Head of financial and payroll accounting
Provision of tax and business advice for SMEs and their owners
Preparation of annual accounts
Provision of tax advisory services for companies of all types and private individuals
At LOEBA: Since 1987
Function: Associate Director
Sandra Wagner
Sandra Wagner
Name: Sandra Wagner
Title: Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-15
E-mail: sandra.wagner@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Provision of support services to partnerships (annual accounts, tax balance sheets)
Tax consultations, preparation of business and private tax returns
Audits of the annual accounts of medium-sized enterprises
Overseeing company audits
At LOEBA: Since 1993
Function: Employee
Benedikt Walter
Benedikt Walter
Name: Benedikt Walter
Title: Certified Accountant, Tax Advisor
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-13
E-mail: benedikt.walter@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Advisory and support services for individuals on specific tax-related questions concerning employment income and investment income
Focus on cross-border commuters and special aspects related to executives
Special aspects concerning payments from Swiss pension funds
Answers to questions concerning the tax repercussions of moving to or out of Germany (D-CH)
Voluntary audits of the annual accounts of small corporations as well as audits within the scope of the Brokers’ and Developers’ Directive (MABV) and the Financial Investment Brokerage Ordinance (FinVermV)
At LOEBA: Since 1990
Function: Associate Director
Other: Speaker on the topics of turnover tax and cross-border commuters
Klaus Wasna
Klaus Wasna
Name: Klaus Wasna
Title: German Public Auditor, Tax Advisor,
Specialist Advisor for International Tax Law
Phone: + 49 (0) 7621 4098-14
E-mail: klaus.wasna@loeba.de
Contact information: download
Primary duties: Audits of annual and consolidated financial statements of medium-sized enterprises
Special audits (e.g. audits pursuant to the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) and the Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG); formation audits)
Transaction advice and financial/tax due diligence
Company valuations
Tax-optimised transfer pricing
At LOEBA: Since 1988
Function: Managing Director
Other: Since 2012, legal representative of HLB Deutschland GmbH and contracting partner for the HLB network
Practical experience as a cross-border commuter between Germany and Switzerland

Our history

at a glance:


The firm is founded by Herbert Harrer and Karl Emil Ebert in Lörrach. The two founding members serve as the firm’s first Managing Directors.


Dr Dietrich Knobbe succeeds Karl Emil Ebert as Managing Director.


Dr Manfred Hauser and Klaus Schneider take over as Members of the Management Board from Herbert Harrer and Dr Dietrich Knobbe.


Hans-Joachim Harrer replaces Klaus Schneider as Managing Director.


Peter Rasmussen joins the Management Board.


LOEBA Treuhand GmbH becomes a 100% subsidiary in the C&L (later PwC) network.


Relocation to larger premises at Wallbrunnstraße 24.


Separation from the PwC network and Klaus Wasna joins the Management Board.


Stephan Karl Schultze is appointed to the Management Board.


Peter Rasmussen retires.


Membership in the international HLB network.


Thomas Graw joins the Management Board.


Dr Manfred Hauser and Hans-Joachim Harrer retire. Ludger Rankers is appointed to the Management Board.


Anja Abril becomes the first woman to join the Management Board of LOEBA Treuhand GmbH.

Our Advisory Board

is business-oriented
and supports our special focus
on clients with cross-border issues.

Dr. Herrmann Harrer
Dr. Hermann Harrer
Name: Dr Hermann Harrer
Function: Lawyer
Partner at BenderHarrerKrevet
Dr. Andreas Burckhardt
Dr. Andreas Burckhardt
Name: Dr Andreas Burckhardt
Function: Chairman of the Board of Directors
Baloise Holding AG
Christoph Mäder
Christoph Mäder
Name: Christoph Mäder
Function: Head of Legal & Taxes
Syngenta International AG
Dr. Christoph Münzer
Dr. Christoph Münzer
Name: Dr Christoph Münzer
Function: CEO
Dr. Manfred Hauser
Dr. Manfred Hauser
Name: Dr Manfred Hauser
Function: Former Managing Director, Honorary Member of the Advisory Board
LOEBA Treuhand GmbH

Our Commitment

The big picture

Our social and cultural commitment is a fundamental part of our corporate culture. As a result, we not only feel that we have an obligation to serve our clients but also perceive ourselves as an active member of society.

Fully conscious of our responsibility, we organise and support social and cultural projects at every level.

Funding of the arts

Modern art has been integral to our company for years and is a natural part of both our working environment and our commitment.

Art gives us food for thought and encourages us to take a creative approach to dealing with the world that exists outside our own front doors.

We support art projects of all kinds and offer regular opportunities for artists, predominantly from this region, to present their works within the scope of exhibitions at our firm. All proceeds earned from admission to these exhibitions are donated in full to a social project.

Youth = Future

If we want to safeguard the future, we have to consider our children’s interests first and foremost.

Our commitment to working with children and youth is therefore firmly anchored in our corporate culture as well. Conscious of our special social responsibility, we support and promote numerous individual projects, initiatives and facilities.


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
Your questions will then be answered directly by our office staff or forwarded to the relevant contact within the firm.

Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

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79539 Lörrach

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