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Are you a sole proprietor/contractor?
Are you a medium-sized enterprise located in the region?
Are you the foreign parent company of a German subsidiary?

Our activities mainly focus on providing consulting services to small and medium-sized enterprises,
audit services to medium-sized companies and tax advisory services to French/Swiss corporations/subsidiaries on matters of international relevance.


The consulting work LOEBA Treuhand GmbH has performed for our medium-sized clients over the past few decades has allowed us to develop a portfolio of special services and business expertise while also gaining extensive experience in this area. Your company can benefit from this as well. We provide you support on a large number of business matters. Our business advisory services are geared toward both private individuals and sole proprietors as well as partnerships and corporations in a wide range of different industries.


  • Company acquisitions and sales
  • Due diligence reviews
  • Business valuations
  • Financial and liquidity planning
  • Business planning
  • Financial and cost accounting
  • Safeguarding interests
  • Company start-ups
  • Succession planning and arrangements


In light of the fact that accounting lays the foundation for making key business decisions, financial accounting is pivotal as the primary source of data for your company’s management. This includes job-order accounting such as cash-based accounting or cost accounting as well as the use of a ledgerless accounting system and the analysis of data (business analyses).

An efficient accounting system that we manage for you lets you react swiftly to changes as they arise and that, in turn, gives you an edge over the competition.

Of course it goes without saying that we handle every aspect of financial and payroll accounting both correctly and in a timely manner.


  • Allocate ongoing business transactions to accounts, enter these into the IT system and perform account reconciliation on an ongoing basis
  • Manage the outstanding items of both customers and vendors while also handling payments to creditors
  • Compile information about your business development (including business evaluations)
  • Prepare short-term income statements
  • Prepare industry-specific benchmarks
  • Perform asset accounting

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Payroll accounting is both time-consuming and costly. Not only that, but constant amendments to tax and social insurance law combined with growing complexity do not make the task any simpler. Small and medium-sized enterprises, in particular, are finding it increasingly difficult to cope with workload this entails. LOEBA Treuhand GmbH is your personal partner and can assist you with all matters related to payroll accounting.

Of course it goes without saying that we handle every aspect of payroll accounting both correctly and in a timely manner.


  • Involvement in payroll tax audits conducted by the German financial authorities
  • Payroll accounting for employees and upper management (to keep details away from your own employees)
  • Involvement in social insurance audits conducted by German social insurance institutions
  • Digital personnel file: confidential exchange of HR management documents between the firm and client – simple, swift, secure
  • Exchange invoice amounts: you can provide us with the relevant data in digital format
  • DATEV Arbeitnehmer online: This online portal offers a means of giving employees direct access to their salary and social insurance statements
  • Digital audit of HR management

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Annual accounts offer a means of calculating a company’s net assets, are vital for meetings with banks and other stakeholders and also provide a basis for determining taxable income. We consider it our responsibility to ensure that your company’s structure is optimised with regard to the reporting and measuring of assets and liabilities while also taking the company’s tax-specific circumstances into consideration. Parts of a company frequently need to be outsourced to allow you to focus on your core business. So why not place the preparation of your annual accounts into expert hands?

We handle the preparation of your company’s annual accounts and would be happy to help you set up a reliable, meaningful reporting system.


  • Preparation of annual accounts, opening balances, interim accounts (monthly and quarterly accounts)
  • Disclosure and filing of annual accounts with the electronic Federal Gazette
  • Preparation of annual accounts with an additional plausibility check and corresponding report
  • Attendance during meetings with banks
  • Preparation of business evaluations
  • Support for your in-house financial accounting (such as setting up financial accounting, asset accounting and cost accounting systems)

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annual accounts
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Our tax experts will help you discuss strategic tax issues and come up with targeted solutions. We draw our expertise from long-term collaboration between you, our client, and the partner from our firm who has been assigned to advise you. Personal care, flexible and client-specific support and targeted further development for our staff, in particular, put us in a position to offer you the very best advisory services possible. As your advisor, we give you sound, professional answers to your questions on tax law that are understandable and offer you the greatest possible economic benefit.

Of course it goes without saying that, given our proximity to the border, we also take cross-border circumstances into consideration with regard to both businesses and private individuals. Our membership in the HLB network gives us access to international contacts we can draw on, as well, if we ever find ourselves confronted with special cases requiring local support.


  • Annual accounts & tax returns for national/international companies of all types and sizes
  • Support during company audits conducted by the financial authorities
  • Founding of new companies – including German subsidiaries with foreign parent companies
  • Tax consulting, tax planning and optimisation
  • Turnover tax advice
  • Business succession planning & restructuring concepts
  • Cross-border tax advisory services (international tax law)
  • Devising legally compliant transfer prices and documentation


Generally speaking, an auditor’s main task is to conduct business audits and issue audit opinions regarding the audits performed and the results obtained. Yet our actual work covers a broader range of tasks and can include annual accounts, management audits, formation audits, reorganisation audits, credit checks, audits within the scope of the Brokers’ and Developers’ Directive (MABV) and the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG), and much more.

Essentially, the subjects of our audits are as diverse as the profession itself and always vary depending on your precise needs and requirements.


Throughout our work, we always keep an eye on the latest standards and legal amendments, employ state-of-the-art audit software while taking both the latest audit findings (e.g. Big Data) and a wide range of international accounting standards into account. Our membership in the HLB network means that we have quick access to pragmatic, competent support at more than 600 partner firms in over 120 countries.

Thanks to our holistic advisory approach, we can offer you our full range of services from one source. As peers, from one businessperson to another, and on-site at your business premises.

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We would like to invite you to come in for a no-obligation initial consultation or attend one of our events for an opportunity to get to know us. You can expect us to provide quality, expertise and commitment, all at excellent value for money. We calculate the fees for our services based on the amount of time spent or the German Tax Advisors’ Fee Ordinance (StBVV).


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us by e-mail.
Your questions will then be answered directly by our office staff or forwarded to the relevant contact within the firm.

Please send us an email to:

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